An Epitaph for the Lightbearer


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Ravens of Obscure glimmer, haunting his soul relentlessly
Constantly swirling above his decomposed carcass,
As they scream and stridently laugh at the fallen knight
Once nemesis to all…

For he is choking in his own body fluids
Cruelly harassed by his dread condition

Fearless soldier once enslaved by his sword, seeking unfounded revenge
Slaying kings by thousand, pledging his loyalty to none
Even to Gods he swore that his hatred against Humanity would be eternal
Condemned to be a bloodthirsty beast of war

Like a rampaging demon, he fought many battles, undefeated
And he mocked Death’s inevitable clutch

I am dead,
Decaying alone on the battlefield,
Being nothing more now than a disgusting feast for the vermins

Why am I still conscious?
Unable to move nor see anymore, yet sensing an horrid presence
Staring at my remains, a cold smile engraved in its reflection
Yes, I am forced to admit that I’m tormented,
Torn apart in fact by my bitter burden of Un-death
Hanging still between two worlds endlessly

Intense, is the shattering;
For my agony is getting more acrid and I’m chased without mercy
By uprising insanity

Am I denizen?
Why can’t I perceive deadlight’s benevolence
Trough the enlighten mirror of Chaos?

For it is I, who’s crumbling in silent standstillness


from RUINED, released July 2, 2002



all rights reserved



UNQUINTESSENCE was created in summer 1999 as a direct and merciless manifestation of the member's profound disgust toward Humanity. In 2002, "RUINED" (their 1st MCD) was unleashed upon the Masses... and lo! at the devastation. Unfortunately the band split-up for good in 2003 and the "physical" MCD was sold-out since... (related recent bands; Vatican, Blight, Dopethrone, Nefastus Dies, Ether, LIM) ... more

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