.​.​.​to Finally Ascend in the Darkest of Paths


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From my passage, I will leave a malignant seed in ye
Piercing & raping your blind beliefs of happiness

By damnation, I have fell…
And I am now deprived of the flickering light of hope nurturing kind spirits
Shielded against all the backstabbing emotions
No longer a slave to bestial instincts, so poorly human, of procreation… of true love
To false ideologies & concepts of appealing, I wage an everyday war!
For I am besieged & adorned by an horrid splendour

This frail essence inside of me, still pure, is slowly leaking
For every time I sense living flesh drawing near,
Every time I witness they’re lamb-like ignorance,
My blood turn winter cold, darken and run thick

I behold, a withering surrounding of a dusty grey
In those country sides, the wind is whistling the sound of sinister violins
What a disturbing prelude to the fate less journey that I’m about…
To undertake

I have taken the darkest of paths, forbidden even to gods
Duelling with the Reaper, guardian of the gates,
To finally cross the entrance…
I’ve slaughtered Death!

We destroy, what you are bound to create
Our revenge is generated by scriptures & sound
In order to survive we decay, spreading forth our pestilence
So called; soul-crafted Art

Then I awake, and I was numbed by desecration
A naked landscape so pure has opposed, to everything I’ve ever seen
Unveiled before my eyes with such nonsense
Imploding by intense pain in scorching emptiness
I am permeated by such rabid revelations,
For they’ve showed me unseen fatalities feared by the weaklings

Yet… I am so serene in this blooming era of uncreation
Has I search for answers and then foresaw absolution
It was inverted like a dreadful contorted reality, untouched by ages
And still in a primal state…

Now soaked and infused by higher strive to achieved Wisdom
I am reborn to obliterate filth,
To erase this failed experiment classified under; humanity
(As if this mistake had never been made)

The mighty Atlas crumbled, under the weight of my judgement
My forlorn kindred, sentence to global, international extinction
And if this was only a prelude…


from RUINED, released July 2, 2002



all rights reserved



UNQUINTESSENCE was created in summer 1999 as a direct and merciless manifestation of the member's profound disgust toward Humanity. In 2002, "RUINED" (their 1st MCD) was unleashed upon the Masses... and lo! at the devastation. Unfortunately the band split-up for good in 2003 and the "physical" MCD was sold-out since... (related recent bands; Vatican, Blight, Dopethrone, Nefastus Dies, Ether, LIM) ... more

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