Toward Scions of Improvement


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The initial sin, the one on which you can supposedly rely
Yet at some point it was obvious (having a dagger rusting on my back,
Clawing its way trough my organs) that I was stabbed
By corrupt thoughts I once trusted; diverse and many

Betrayed by all, except by Truth; absolute and controlled
Until I desperately reach maturity in something more vast
(and let us say more… drastic)
Of words and its consequences,
Resulting in my current condition:
My concluding catharsis negates all that includes tolerance
(for too long have I bear the heavy burden of experience)
There is no rest for the Defiant, ever…

Circling around, tired, I drift silently in symbiotic duality with my surrounding
Cursed by the harsh duty of concealment

Hush, won’t you listen…
To utter silence once and for all, for it is the most complex of music
It hold the melodies of your thoughts intertwined deep into your mind
Waiting to display their immense power
It simply holds the future to be projected, dreadful… limitless

I am splendid in my Nihilism
Exsanguis toward your Iconoclast,
Yet the shadow ever-lurking behind you…
And still I remain taller!

I am Stagnation (in its every forms), yet I march proud and lucid
…Toward scions of improvement
And don’t you dare disturb my trance, for you’d wake the Forsaken

To ye, I am opposed polarity (an abstraction skilfully painted by Chaos)
A raging Behemoth cast in exodus from your homeworld Vault of Radiance
(After several years of rampage & destruction)


from RUINED, released July 2, 2002



all rights reserved



UNQUINTESSENCE was created in summer 1999 as a direct and merciless manifestation of the member's profound disgust toward Humanity. In 2002, "RUINED" (their 1st MCD) was unleashed upon the Masses... and lo! at the devastation. Unfortunately the band split-up for good in 2003 and the "physical" MCD was sold-out since... (related recent bands; Vatican, Blight, Dopethrone, Nefastus Dies, Ether, LIM) ... more

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